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Sleepy Flame

by Bitter Buddha

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Recorded with the help of Alberta Paper Company.

Dilan, Schuyler, Taylor and Weston play the music.


released May 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Bitter Buddha Portland, Oregon

Guitars. Bass. Drums. Samples. Portland. Skateboarding. Flame.

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Track Name: Sleepy Flame
Early in the morning
The sun struggles to rise
On this clear, quiet, cold morning
It's nothing sacred
Not yet awakened by your light

And if you show me you're there
Then I won't have to stare
In longing through fog at some grace shining from
The torch you lit in my darkened layer

Now I'm trying to leave
But there's frost on my windshield and I can't see a thing
Where is my sun?
To melt the frosty grey so things can be done

And you plead and you beg, you said
"Don't disturb me in bed"
But the night is so long and my dreams are so cold
So I need your warmth to defrost my head

Now I'm trying to leave
Track Name: Waiting Train, Dreaming Mountain
It's to the smell of stale beer that you've awoken
Spilling onto mattress, making the stains even
Your bed's the canvas, your shit's the paint
It's the work you study everyday
Hypnotized by the mess
You feel your head fill up with stress

That coffee in your cup
It's warm and black
And you've got nothing good in your head
So you might as well focus on that
But now you've focused much too long
And all that warmth in your cup, it's gone
What'll you do with this cold cup?
It's enough to make a mellow fellow erupt
You're spent up, mellow fellow erupt

You'll find something good to think about soon
But for now you might as well destroy your room
Track Name: Astoria
I never thought it'd be this hard to write a song
But confusion breeds confusion and I haven't said otherwise in so long
So your impact is a bit hard to explain
Without falling into the same stupid fucking cliches
What if I say, "I'm within reach to an end to searching
I've found my beach it's within reach"

I see the beauty in feeling the ghost rays swarm around my head
The sand seems soft and warm
I'd like it burying up my limbs
But as I stop think, I start to sink
I'm unaware
As my arms are all rubber
Comprehension stutters
But I'll never stop swimming, I swear

I swear I'll never stop swimming toward you
Please don't leave me my sweet beach